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The following are the current tour dates for The Dockside Band. Return often to this page as new dates are added as they are booked. If you would like to use this link or any of the contact links and we will be glad to contact you to work out the details.





April 3, 2011

Dover Wedding Reception

Winston-Salem, NC



April 14, 2011


Myrtle Beach , SC



April 17, 2011


Charleston, SC



April 22, 2011

Water's Edge

Greenville, SC



May 1, 2011

Taylor Wedding Reception

Camden, SC



May 7, 2011

JF's Beach

Little River , SC



Click to view eventsMay 21, 2011

Green's Supper Club

Greensboro, NC





June 17, 2011

Bullard Wedding Reception

Greensboro, NC



June 25, 2011

4th of July Party - 6 til 9

Town of Pleasant Garden, NC





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